About DShah

A designer by profession, a thinker by habit, and an inventor by choice


The brain behind some of the most prestigious projects and offbeat interiors across Pakistan, DShah has created, over some stellar years, spaces that are best described as iconic. But the one role she proudly owns and has grown to love is that of a storyteller par excellence.


In 2019 she founded DShah Interiors. Her vision to explore undiscovered design vistas and position Pakistan as the hub of emerging design is upheld, enhanced and continually upgraded to its best version by a dedicated team of professionals and design experts who ensure that every thought that she puts down on the paper is translated, without a glitch, into reality.


“Your home would tell the story of who you are, Let us create a breath leading story”


We love to work closely with our clients enabling us to their story, breathe life into their works and help customers connect with their work, products and brand.


“Great Design doesn’t shape spaces. It shapes lives.”


DShah believes that good design is cohesive, cathartic and people-led. She also believes that such powerful design aesthetic can only stem from the right work ethic- one that keeps people before design and function before form. As an interior designer with multiple accolades, DShah has a deep understanding of the dynamics that design shares with people and hence of the responsibility that comes with it. Not surprisingly, a study of each of her design uncovers how inherently transforming, each one of them is. The dining table where one shares their day or the custom-made wall paper in your study that stimulates your thinking buds, DShah’s design philosophy makes sure that the people are always at the core of everything she does.


“Beauty is the lover imagination courts.”


DShah’s unconventional imagination and her team’s styling expertise is all you need to convert any space- your office, home, restaurant or even a holiday home, from ordinary to extraordinary. A splash of colour against the monochrome, a vintage oak coffee table in the midst of a chic conference room, retro instruments in modern dens and contemporary colours in a rustic palette, DShah’s eye for the unorthodox lets her styling and décor consultancy, convert any and every plain, vanilla space into eye-catching ones, in a snap.